Administrative and Planning Law

Rocabert & Grau Law Firm Administrative and Planning Law areas count with highly experienced lawyers in this branch of law. Our specialisation covers everything from processing applications with Government Agencies to making personal appearances before Public Corporations and Bodies in connection with matters such as expropriation, development, public procurement, creating of dossiers on public service matters, etc. 

We also specialise in administrative proceedings and in advising and negotiating agreements with Government Agencies, especially closing conventional procedures. This is an increasingly common way of successfully processing administrative dossiers.

The main matters are:

Administrative Law

Administrative procurement: consultancy to Business consultancy and government agencies

Consultancy to Port Authorities and other public law organisations, Professional Associations and Technology Institutes

Government pecuniary liability proceedings: damage claims, quantities, etc.

Civil Service Law: attending civil service entities to exercise rights before Government Agencies and defence in civil service proceedings

Local tax proceedings: municipal tax claims

Challenging municipal agreements and attending municipalities in connection with administrative proceedings 

Disciplinary law: Challenging disciplinary proceedings

Proceedings with the Land Registry: valuations, cadastral claims, etc.

Defence of Constitutional Rights: Fundamental rights, Electoral Regime, etc.

Contentious-administrative: defence before these Courts

Planning Law

Compulsory Expropriation: advice to companies and government agencies on file processing.

Development actions: Processing development and construction plans, attending collaborating urban planning entity, constitution of urban residents’ groups

Special planning, specifically coastal and environmental themes

Contact lawyer: Miguel Ángel Díaz Herrera