Criminal Law

Our Criminal Law experts offer their clients a specialised legal advice on Criminal, Penitentiary and Juvenile Law matters, which includes assistance to detainees and legal representation in criminal proceedings brought in all types of court. The most common criminal violations requiring our intervention are:

Crimes against life and sexual freedom

Crimes against liberty: Threats, duress, illegal detention and abduction

Bodily harm

Crimes against traffic safety

Financial crimes

Crimes against property

Crimes against the Public Treasury and the Social Security

Crimes against workers’ rights

Crimes against the environment

Crimes against honour, intimacy and image

Planning crimes

Crimes against the Administration of Justice

Crimes against public order

Crimes against public health

Crimes against family relationships

Corporate crime

Crimes against Government Agencies

Crimes against Intellectual and Industrial Property

Petty crime/misdemeanors

Reviews of prison classifications

Penitentiary Sanction Proceedings

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