Civil Procedure Law

The lawyers in our Civil Procedure Law area appear before the Courts of Justice and Arbitrators, on behalf of their clients, defending them in matters that it has not been possible to resolve through negotiation. Nowadays, large legal conflicts requires specialist lawyers with great capacity for argument and persuasion, trained in the art of public speaking and negotiation, vital tools to ensure success in the corresponding proceedings.

The Civil Law Procedure covers the following topics:

Breach of contract

Nullity, termination and rescission of contract

Resolution of contracts of sale and purchase between buyers and developers

Termination of leases for services, works, dwellings, leases on buildings for use other than as a private dwelling on the grounds of breach by landlord or tenant

Termination of distribution, franchise, agency or contracts on the grounds of breach of the agent, franchisee, grantor or constituent

Contractual liabilities and extra-contractual liabilities based on fault or business, professional or personal negligence

Liability of de facto or legal administrators, or verbal or contractual proxy-holders

Liability of architects and other agents involved in the construction process

Liability of developers

Contractual corporate civil liability

Demands for damage to property and loss of profits

Legal suits for liability against partners and/or administrators 

Claims against banks and insurance companies

Guarantee claims

Insurance cover claims

Loss and damage caused by breach of bankers or insurance obligations

Mortgage proceedings


Actions based on checks, promissory notes or bills of exchange

Monitored proceedings for claims for bills, delivery notes or estimates

Ordinary proceedings based on breach of obligations contained in written or verbal contracts

Fundamental rights

Crimes against honour, intimacy and image

Freedom of the press

Freedom of speech

Rights in rem

Actions for recovery

Declaration of ownership

Protection of registered or unregistered in rem rights

Possessory actions

Division of common property, division of assets


Arbitral proceedings

Actions to execute or challenge arbitral decisions

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