The Firm

Rocabert & Grau Law Firm came into being as a consequence of the restructuring of the Valencia branch of nationwide law firm Vázquez Padura Law Firm, with exactly the same team, which would be added to by new lawyers and administrative staff. These changes are part of a global communications plan we have put in place, taking advantage of the new shareholding, the purpose of which is to raise the firm’s profile in different areas of Spanish society in general and specifically in the Valencia region.

Our lawyers handle their clients' problems from an integral, multidisciplinary standpoint, placing great emphasis on providing so-called preventive advocacy, which aims to prevent future legal problems before they arise. Our office also has lawyers who are experts in conflict negotiation, which certainly adds value to our professional activities when such unwanted problems arise. If these actions do not give the desired results, we have an extremely strong litigation department that will work to close existing disputes, a remedy used when preventive advocacy and negotiation have failed.

Our philosophy is based on excellent management of clients and their affairs, which nowadays requires clear interdepartmental coordination and teamwork, assigning at least two lawyers to each matter, ensuring the customer is duly informed and served. One of the commitments we make to the clients we represent is that as soon as they provide us with precise information, we draft an estimate of fees, establishing advantageous payment conditions so that clients are fully aware of the cost of the services we provide at all times, giving them the opportunity to determine whether or not they wish to continue with their claims.

The firm has two partners, Leonardo Rocabert and Ignacio Grau, and a further ten collaborating lawyers who work on extra-judicial and judicial activities nationwide and in courts of all seniority, including the Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court, collaborating with foreign firms in international matters requiring local offices in countries such as Peru, Chile and the USA. As well as Castilian Spanish, our lawyers also work in French, German, Italian, and the Valencian language.

Rocabert & Grau opened its new facilities to clients and friends at an opening event held at the former University of Valencia, which was attended by many members of the public.

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