Commercial, company and insolvency law

We advise clients on commercial obligations, mergers, takeovers, corporate restructuring, renegotiation of financing and insolvency proceedings.

Main commercial and company law practice areas: commercial procurement; company incorporation; counsel to governing bodies; board secretaryship; restructuring of business groups; company mergers and takeovers; due diligence; liquidation and dissolution of companies; resolution of conflicts between partners; family business protocols; restructuring of family business groups; fulfilment of companies’ legal obligations.

Main insolvency law practice areas: counsel to companies in crisis, refinancing of bank loans, pre-insolvency legal advice, administration of insolvency proceedings.

Tax law

Our expert tax lawyers work closely with our other practice areas to minimize the tax burden for our clients.

Our services include: ongoing advice to companies on managing their tax obligations; tax planning for corporate structures (national/international); analysis of the tax implications of one-off transactions; analysis of the tax implications of company restructuring (particularly mergers and takeovers); tax advice on personal and family estates; corporation tax and VAT planning; fiscal consolidation; consultation with tax authorities; assistance, representation and advice during tax inspections; handling of court claims; legal action and appeals before competent courts and tribunals; representation in criminal proceedings.

Criminal law

We take cases that require specialist knowledge of criminal law —including in relation to custodial sentencing and minors— and defend our clients’ interests at every level of the court system.

Common areas in which we represent clients: offences against sexual rights and freedom; offences against individual freedom (threat, coercion, illegal imprisonment and kidnapping); bodily harm; road safety offences; financial offences; asset- and property-related offences; tax and social security offences; offences against workers’ rights; environmental offences; defamation and offences against privacy and reputation; land planning offences; offences against the administration of justice; public order offences; public health offences; offences against familial relationships; corporate offences; offences against public authorities; intellectual and industrial property offences; minor offences; prison sentence review; imprisonment proceedings.

Employment law

We file lawsuits with courts and open proceedings before employment authorities, as well as drafting and reviewing employment contracts for senior managers, professional athletes and foreign nationals.

The areas we cover include: advice on employment law (orally or in legal reports); legal representation before the courts of justice and employment authorities; workplace accidents; dismissals and termination of employment contracts; protection of fundamental rights and freedom of association; employment contracts and employment arrangements; senior management arrangements; remuneration systems; workforce adjustment procedures; substantial changes to working conditions and functional and geographical mobility; systems to make working conditions more flexible; social security (contributions, benefits and subsidies, health care, etc.); workforce conflicts, strikes and management lockout; feasibility and corporate planning; corporate restructuring; workforce checks and due diligence; employment implications of mergers and takeovers; social welfare systems, pension plans and funds; worker expatriation; outsourcing (contracting and subcontracting); training (conferences and seminars on current labour issues).

Family law

We apply negotiation and dispute resolution techniques to separations and divorces to achieve satisfactory outcomes. And if an amicable solution cannot be reached, we defend our client’s interests in the civil, criminal and gender-based violence courts.

Main practice areas: separation, divorce and marriage annulment; dissolution and liquidation of financial arrangements; negotiation of termination of de facto unions; parentage and maintenance; amendment of definitive measures; legal capacity and internment; paternity claims; child protection: fostering, adoption and guardianship; domestic violence; private international family law; execution of marital arrangements adopted in family law proceedings.

Civil and property law

This practice area spans contracting, including drafting and review of agreements, through to filing of claims with courts for breaches of the ensuing legal obligations.

Main civil law practice areas: consumer and user rights; government procurement: contract drafting, review and negotiation; general contracting terms and conditions; defective products; rights in rem.

Main property law practice areas: contractual agreements with developers and/or consumers; property brokerage contracts; property sale agreements; purchase options; criminal, penitential and confirmatory deposits; planning law; disputes related to construction defects; property leases; commonhold agreements.

Tort and insurance law

In disputes with insurance companies, we file claims for the guarantees that insurers decline to honour or agree a settlement with them.

Main practice areas: traffic accidents; collective claims against airlines, travel agencies or wholesalers; financial liability claims against public authorities; medical negligence; professional negligence; damages to third parties; right of insurance; environmental liability; high-risk policies; marine accidents and claims.

Administrative law and financial liability

We specialize in administrative litigation. We defend our clients against administrative penalties and liability claims filed by public authorities.

Main practice areas: government procurement: advice to companies and public authorities; advice to port authorities and other public law bodies, professional associations and technology institutes; financial liability proceedings involving public authorities: claims for damages, amounts, etc.; civil service law: representing public officials and defending their rights before the authorities and in court; local tax proceedings: municipal tax claims; challenging of municipal decisions and assisting municipalities in filing administrative proceedings; challenging of penalty proceedings; actions before the land registry: valuations, land registry claims, etc.; defence of constitutional rights: fundamental rights, voting rights, etc.; defence before contentious-administrative courts.

Inheritance law

We advise clients on the rights of heirs, legatees or third parties entitled to inheritance, as well as on ensuing disputes, paying special attention to the taxation of the resulting transactions.

Main practice areas: advice on and preparation and drafting of wills; taking of inventories and drafting of estate distribution instructions; declaration of intestate and legal heirs; appointment of guardians ad litem; judicial and extrajudicial award and distribution of estates; protection of inalienable inheritance rights; registration of handwritten wills and opening of wills; extension or waiver of appointment of executors and administrators; acceptance of inheritances under benefit of inventory; advice on administration of unclaimed estates.